Green Nature Goddess, 2010

The “Green Goddess” painting is one that I am especially proud of. I still love everything about it, the colours, the idea, and the execution. Often I am very excited with a painting when I have finished it.  Then, as time passes, I go to another place where I see things differently. I then change my mind about how I feel about a painting that I made. 

I keep growing as an artist and learn all the time. All that experience helps me create paintings that show different levels of maturity as time goes by.

I love the idea of the Creative Goddess who gives birth to everything.  The Green Goddess in this painting gives birth to nature and freedom.  As you can see, there are plenty of birds in this painting and they symbolise freedom. The goddess has eyes that say “ I’m just doing, I’m not thinking but I make it happen”. (Sterre, make what happen?)

This goddess is confident and has no fear. She goes where she wants and does what she wants, nothing can stop her. For her everything ‘is as it is’ , the beginning and the end are all her choice!

In this painting you can see how all the elements that I have been talking about in other narrative texts are joined together to make a very vibrant and gripping painting. That is, texts her on my Website about my use of colour, focus on birds, symbolism and other elements.

All the little birds are painted in oil but the face and the background as well as the feathers are all in acrylic.  There are some surrealist elements in this painting.

There is also maybe some element there that points to the fact that I also create my own world. I live in that world as long as my brush is loaded with paint . As I paint, I walk near and far. My eyes judge this world on my canvass while wondering, “where will I put the next dash of colour, where will I put the next line?”. I also think about what is not needed, then remove a particular line, element or colour.

I live in my own created world  And sometimes reality and fantasy join together for me.