My Photographs – Art Inspirations

I started taking an interest in photography about 12 years ago. At that time it had become easier to buy light weight quality cameras and I started to experiment with them.

I was extremely and happily surprised at the kind of photographs I took with my first good camera. This encouraged me to continue experimenting. At the same time, I started travelling throughout India. The country is very photogenic, its people and landscape are incredible and inspiring.

As I kept practising, my photographs improved. Technology gradually also improved the process of preserving the photos in computer files which was helpful.

As I look at my photographs, I relive the moment and my thoughts when I took them. Eventually, I started to write down my thoughts about each photograph in one line. This was a new talent I did not know about, but as I kept doing it I got better. Practice, practice, practice is what my wonderful Chinese painting teacher, Ming Freedman, taught me when I was an adolescent and I still live by that lesson at my current age.