An artist with an international background, art from around the world inspires Sterre Sharma.

Sterre was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1952. She was introduced to the world of colours at an early age when attending the Ecole Martenau de Paris in Brussels. In Belgium, the work of the Belgian artist René Magritte inspired Sterre deeply.

Later, Sterre attended art education with the abstractionists at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C.

Over the years, Sterre studied Chinese and Western water colour painting. She has experimented with mixed media, oils, acrylic, collage and airbrush painting techniques. In addition to canvas and painting on board she uses various surfaces for her art. She has made murals and painted furniture in the trompe l’oeil style.

Drawn by the varied hues of India, Sterre has made her home in New Delhi with her family.

Sterre incorporates these international techniques in her art. She has united, these experiences in her imagination to create unique striking pieces of symbolic expression.

Kalakar Tarang

Kalakar Tarang is a non-profit organisation working towards the improvement of the lives of traditional artists in Delhi. Formerly named the Kalakar Trust, the organisation has worked with artists since its founding in 1992. Kalakar Tarang has supported over 15,000 persons with their education, healthcare, income generation, artistic development, and community management. Currently, the main centre of activities is in the Katputli Colony Transit Camp. Daily activities centre around a clinic, adult education area, and a computer centre.

  • FOUNDERS: Sterre Sharma and her sister Mei Zegers
  • BENEFICIARIES: Kalakar Tarang works with a range of mostly performing artists and crafts people including puppeteers, dancers, musicians, acrobats, and magicians.
  • FUNDING: The funding for the Trust is from the sale of Sterre Sharma’s paintings, donations from close relations and other supporters. During its early years, the organisation also benefited from some donations from international agencies.