Masquerade – 1 & 2 Mystical Beings 1995-96 Edited 30 09 2019

MASQUERADE Paintings 1-2  – Mystical Beings (part of  group of24 paintings) Size approximately 121.92cm X 76.2cm, Oil on canvas 1995- 1996

This group of paintings shows a battle between reality and a refusal to show and know the truth.

In these two paintings we can see two mystical humans dancing with abandon. They have taken off the masks which they show to the world. The masks symbolise the artificial projection of feelings people show to the outer world. For example, people may hide feelings of love or hate.It is night-time in both paintings, the time when reality most wants to show its face.

These dancers dance with the mysteries of life. As a result, the atmosphere in the paintings depicts surprising creatures. They are a fiction of the imagination but are passed off as real. Everything is dancing, the leaves, the birds, and the two mysterious humans.

The painting with the male dancer is warm as if it is the fall season. Fall is when apples are plucked and the fruits of labour are enjoyed. The future of winter, interpreted as old age,is waiting.

The female dancer is not bothered about anything and is living in a complete fantasy. The colours are cool and she refuses to look atreality. The dancer’s face is turning away from the inevitable passing of time.