Masquerade 5 – Theatre of Life, approximately 91.44cm X 137.16cm , Oil on Canvas.

This painting represents the Theatre of Life. The viewer can notice that there are several stages in this painting, just like the changing situations in life. Each stage shows different attitudes on display at various levels.

On the highest stage there are several figures who show a disconnect with each other, they are only performing as distractions. One of the figures looks like he has pushed a woman down from his stage, she looks at a mirror in her hand at herself and at the performer on the stage. She floats with her billowing skirts down to the ground, not concerned at all since she lives in her own world.

Down below one can see the little figure from Painting 2 (Masquerade Set Female). She is dancing there by herself, now totally disconnected and not even her fantastical reality surrounds her.

Right on the roof one can see the first small figure of a monkey, this monkey will present itself again later on in the collection and plays a very important role in this Masquerade story. My paintings are actually stories told in a single frame without a word said or written.