Masquerade, 6-7, Puppets, approximately 45.72cm X 121.92cm , Oil on Canvas

An unseen person manipulates and controls the two puppets in this set of paintings.

In these two paintings I continue with the theme of how unseen forces influence movement and provide energy, in this case to puppets. The same happens with people. External circumstances influence how—and whether—we express control or lack of self-control in a situation.

Notice that the hand holding a puppet is strong. The puppets are powerless. The female puppet tries to move her fingers into a fist while her hiding emotions. The male puppet jumps up with his hands in the air in a gesture of submission.

Aside from colours, there is a play with stripes throughout this collection of paintings. The stripes rise up into the figures and practically disappear into them. This was done to accentuate the movement and draw the viewer’s attention to the figures.