Masquerade, Teenagers with MasksApproximately 2x 3.5 ft.

Masquerade, Teenagers with MasksApproximately 2x 3.5 ft, Oil on Canvas

This painting shows two teenagers looking at one another and wondering about love, what is it? What is the truth of this feeling?Is it just a childish crush or something else? They do not know. Curiosity is pushing them to remove the hurdles.They hold lip masks in their hands that contrast with their real lips.They wonder, “where and when to-use the lip masks?”

The two teenagers face each other, but have their masks turned tothe back of their heads, indicating that they can turn them around at any time, put on their mask and leave.

Notice the girl’s big eyes. She is looking at and wondering about this unknown mystery. The boy has his hands behind his back indicating that he is worried, his real intentions are frightening!Reality can be very subjective.