Taruna’s Portrait, 2010

Taruna is my daughter-in-law.  When I made this portrait I did not know her very well but used my inner understanding of her personality to depict her. I realised later that the painting was a true reflection of her real inner spirit.

Taruna has an internal energy that reaches out from a very focused centre. The energy lines around her face emphasise movement from this centre. The movement also indicates that she knows what she wants and she will move to achieve her goals. The lines further refer to the playfulness of someone who likes to go out, meet people socialize. The bright colours also increase the feeling of energy in the painting and are party colours. This portrait shows her secret smile, she enjoys secrets!

I personally think that she does not like the portrait since she has never told me that she did. What matters, however, is that I like it and am pleased with my accurate  depiction of both Taruna’s personality as well her face. It is a successful portrait in my opinion!

She’s a Leopard Too: Tapestry

My mother, who is a tapestry weaver, really liked this painting. She made a beautiful tapestry based on it that is just the same size as the original. It is included here.