Vishnu, 2015

Vishnu (2015) 3.5 x 5 ft, acrylic, resin, airbrush, and oil paint on canvas

This is one of the main paintings that I am very proud of. All of the different elements come together to give the viewer a beautiful visual and meaningful experience. This painting shows the God Vishnu who is the “preserver” according to the Hindu belief system.

Here I depict the God Vishnu enjoying the feeling of preserving existence in peace. I show the God Vishnu in a playful mood, just rocking the world with his rhythm and spirit, his hand lifted up. Liquid drips from his hand and arm. His expression is joyful and peaceful as he radiates electric blue energy.

Vishnu rests on his snake “Ananta “(symbolising infinity) rocking to the rhythm of  the ocean. Ananta is together with his companions. These are Garuda, the king of air, wind and  wide vision.  Also a horse who is responsible for the sound of rhythm, education and knowledge. Right in the back, the elephant ”Airavata” hoots playfully with his trunk.  Looking on near Vishnu’s feet is a form of the Goddess Laxmi in the shape of a cow.

The lines on Vishnu’s forehead have different meanings.  The white lines mean intellectual and spiritual growth while the red line in the middle refers to the Goddess Laxmi who is the wife of Vishnu. She assists Vishnu to create, protect and transform the universe. She is a female power, this includes material and reproductive power.

The conch shell indicates that the ocean is the source of all things.  It also represents spiritual and material communication. The fish is actually the first incarnation of Vishnu. Sometimes Vishnu transforms into a horse. One interesting detail is that the inner coil of the conch shell is replicated in the nose of the heavenly horse.

I did research to understand the foundations for the wisdom and reality of the concept of Vishnu before making this painting. I often research the subject that I plan to paint because more knowledge about my subject inspires me to stretch myself to the limit.

I used and combined all the skills that I learned in my life to make this painting. Quite a few elements were made in great detail with oil paint. Others parts were done using airbrush while abstract brushwork is also visible in the waves of the ocean. There are layers upon layers of different resins and paints that change colour as you walk by this painting. 

The experience of making this painting was very intense. It took two months to complete, not counting the research that went into the design of this artwork.

She’s a Leopard Too: Tapestry

My mother, who is a tapestry weaver, really liked this painting. She made a beautiful tapestry based on it that is just the same size as the original. It is included here.