Black is not really a colour; it is the absence of colour. No matter how colourful everything is in the day, at night everything looks black if there is no light of any kind.

I use black mainly as a contrast to other colours. It is in the small touches of black for the eyelashes around the eye.  Black is also present when I paint large backgrounds where I have a central subject that I want to emphasise.  In fact, black helps emphasise whatever I want to give importance to in my paintings.

I do not use black just because I like it, actually I do not like the colour black as such. For me, black it is not a happy colour that can dance on its own like the primary colours. I only use black as an implement to create contrast and place emphasis on the subject that I have chosen.

Black needs partners. Black contrasts well with the colours red, yellow, electric blue, white, gold, silver and pink.