The colour blue is very special. It acts like a magician and creates an enormous number of unexpected colours that contrast with her!  

Blue is like a mother whose children do not look like they are hers, but are. Blue and red can make different shades of red and purple. While blue combined with yellow makes an endless number of greens! 

Imagine blue skies and rolling green meadows fading away in the distance, what a variety of greens!

Blue is a very difficult task master when you want to learn the tricks of how to mix specific colours. Getting the right shade needs lots of practice.  Only with much repetition can you become a colour magician.

When it comes to blue and yellow, the best way to see the magic of nature is to watch a sunset. Sit quietly in a place where there is a panorama view.  Observe the sun in the blue sky slowly change colour from a bright white light to yellow, orange, and red. 

If you keep watching the sunset carefully towards the end, you will see that the colours in the air will change within seconds until the sun is completely gone.  The last rays only skim the sky, changing it to yellow/lime, pink, purple to electric blue, and finally black.    

Water is actually also light blue, and has to be deep to really help you realise that the blue in the water is not only the reflection from the sky and things around it, but is naturally blue if clean. The blue of the sea changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

Do appreciate all these things, keep looking and spending time with nature, the best colourist.