The colour orange is warm and welcoming, like old leaves on trees and the petals of flowers.  It tastes fresh like a morning shower. 

I especially like the little Japanese orange trees, their flowers fragrant, with promises that are fully delivered.

Orange is one of the first colours that I became obsessed with.  It can be found in almost all of my early paintings. I use the orange of the Camlin brand in my oil paintings.  It might be just a little dot but it had to get in there, a little thing that popped out!  I could not resist it, my hand just had to put orange and I never stopped. 

I particularly like using orange on the lower part of the iris of the eye.  I believe that the eye is more magnetic with that touch of orange.  The look of those eyes grips the viewers. 

In most of my current paintings, about 90% is done using  acrylic paints. I have a blast with this because the most fantastic oranges, including fluorescents, are available in acrylics. There is so much orange in almost all of my new paintings that I expect that they glow in the dark!