I love animals, they are very simple and openly show their different often human-like characters.

Monkeys are the most like humans. The way they use their hands, eyes and facial expressions come together to create the language of the monkey. Their actual voice is more like the sounds of a bird gone wrong though, quite in contrast with humans.

I learned how to ride horses as a child and grew to appreciate their many qualities. A horse is so big but is actually a very frightened animal at heart. A small puddle of water can give some horses an anxiety attack! There are many other things that can frighten horses, small pieces of paper, rustling leaves, loud noises and many other things.

There are birds who are very loyal and a large percentage mate for life. They groom each other in such a loving way, acting just like a human couple in love.

Dogs have a strong sense of empathy and can display so much loyalty.

Squirrels are great acrobats. They are very busy types, scurrying here and there, exclaiming all the time.

Cats are independent and like themselves and, maybe, others as well. Their movements can show their satisfaction.

Snakes are a mystery in form and ability. They belong neither here nor there. They can swim in the water like fish and enjoy the sunshine on the rock like a human. The snake attacks when threatened and uses their quick wits.

I have written about these animals because I have used them in my paintings. I had not thought consciously about these characteristics when I created my artworks. Nevertheless, these ideas were most probably all there in the back of my mind while I painted. Sometimes I just paint and I do not think, my subconscious controls my hand in the spur of the moment. A little bird can then spring from my brush, it is much the same for all the other animals that I paint.